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HVAC/R Training Programs

Become a skilled HVAC/R technician through Northampton Community College’s full- or part-time Specialized Diploma, Certificate, or Associate in Applied Science HVAC programs. With experience and knowledge to install, service, maintain, and retrofit HVAC/R systems, you’ll enter a high-demand career field and vastly increase your earning potential. NCC’s HVAC training in Bethlehem, PA also prepares you to sit for the E.P.A. in Refrigerant Usage Certification.

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Degree Programs

Semesters: 4
Credits: 66
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Campus: Bethlehem
Program Type: Associate in Applied Science

With an HVAC/R degree, you’ll be qualified to service and repair air conditioning equipment, oil and gas burners, heat pumps, ventilation equipment, and commercial refrigeration systems located in residences, offices, industrial plants, medical and educational institutions, and retail establishments. The A.A.S. gives you a competitive edge to advance your career in management positions or to pursue further education at the bachelor’s level.

Semesters: 3
Credits: 51
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Campus: Bethlehem
Program Type: Certificate

You’ll learn the ropes of electrical theory, heating and cooling concepts, refrigeration cycle theory, equipment operation, component specification, whole system operation, system calculations, diagnostic approaches, and recovering and handling refrigerants. The HVAC/R technology certificate prepares you to thrive in your career, and your coursework can be applied to the A.A.S. HVAC/R degree if you choose to continue your education.

Semesters: 2
Credits: 29
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Campus: Bethlehem
Program Type: Specialized Diploma

NCC’s HVAC program provides short-term job training, meaning you’ll gain skills and expertise in HVAC systems and maintenance practices—including electrical theory, heating and cooling concepts, the refrigeration cycle, equipment operation and maintenance, component specification, and diagnostic approaches—at an accelerated pace. The specialized diploma makes you career-ready in the HVAC field, and your coursework from this program can be applied to NCC’s HVAC/R technology certificate or A.A.S. degree.


Program Information

NCC prepares you for real work environments. On a part-time or full-time schedule, you’ll work closely with expert technicians and build your expertise through more than 400 hours of real-world, hands-on internship training. We combine theory and practice with a strong background in electronics, mathematics, and the complex science behind heating and cooling to prepare you as an outstanding technician. You’ll also be able to take the E.P.A. in Refrigerant Usage Certification test. 

Our three programs are stackable: credits you earn in the certificate program can be transferred to the A.A.S. degree, and the specialized diploma credits transfer to both the certificate and A.A.S. This model allows you to get a leg ahead in your future education while preparing you to start your career as soon as you’re ready.

View HVAC/R Stackable Credential Alignment (PDF)

If you are a Northampton Community College student living outside of Pennsylvania or intending to complete an HVAC/R internship outside of the state, you should review the requirements on your state board website to make sure that NCC’s HVAC/R program qualifies.

Licensure requirements vary from state to state, so you may require additional authorization from the professional licensing agency in your state. If you participate in a program from outside of Pennsylvania that is not properly authorized by that state’s professional licensing board, you could lose licensing eligibility. Contact the Program Director for more information if you need help or have questions.

Completing an associate’s degree, certificate or specialized diploma in HVAC/R Technology at Northampton Community College can drastically reduce the overall cost of your education. Our tuition and fees are some of the most affordable in the region. On top of the low upfront costs, you can also take advantage of NCC’s substantial financial aid and scholarship opportunities—we have one of the largest community college scholarship programs in Pennsylvania!


HVAC & Refrigeration Career Opportunities

As an HVAC/R expert, you’ll work on heating, ventilation, cooling, and refrigeration systems that control the temperature and air quality in residential homes, schools, hospitals, office buildings, and factories. You may encounter cramped workspaces, extreme temperatures, and irregular work hours. Because of the increasing complexity of HVAC/R systems, employers seek applicants with practical experience and postsecondary credentials. Your earning potential will grow with further education and licensing.

NCC also boasts a 100% job placement rate among graduates from our HVAC/R programs, meaning you’ll be well positioned to start your career in roles like:

Future Career Paths

  • Building Automation Technician
  • Commercial Refrigeration Technician
  • Facilities Maintenance Mechanic
  • HVAC Installer
  • HVAC Maintenance Technician
  • HVAC Supply Services Staff
  • HVAC/R Service Technician

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Learn More about NCC’s HVAC & Refrigeration Training Programs

In Northampton Community College’s career-focused HVAC/R programs, you’ll become workforce-ready or prepare to transfer to a four-year institution. Graduates of our stackable HVAC Specialized Diploma (S.D.), HVAC/R Technology Certificate, and Associate of Applied Sciences (A.A.S.) in HVAC/R Technology degree stand out in the field—which is evident in NCC’s 100% job placement rate.

Request more information to learn about our top-notch HVAC training in Pennsylvania, and apply now to start your journey at NCC!