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Welcome to the new Tuition & Aid page! We reorganized key resources to guide you to the most important information in any phase of your educational journey. Below you’ll find valuable resources regarding financial aid, veteran benefits, scholarships, bursar, tuition/fees, and housing options:   

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The affordable choice in PA community colleges

NCC is one of the lowest cost-per-credit colleges in PA, providing an education that has prepared more than 40,000 alumni for successful careers in their business, arts, and industry fields. Along with educating students for the workforce, NCC has also prepared alumni in furthering their studies of interest at several of the county's top schools.

Low tuition fees are one of the reasons NCC is considered a college of best value among other community colleges in PA. We are also the only community college in the state to offer on-campus housing for students. With more than 600 rooms available on our Bethlehem campus, it's a great way to save on transportation and immerse yourself in the college experience.

We are not only a great place to study, but a place you can call home.

How to pay

At NCC, we believe you should graduate debt-free. Proper budgeting and awareness of your education's full cost is key to paying off loans in advance. Besides tuition, expenses such as health insurance, textbooks and housing fees should be considered.

Scholarships and financial aid

NCC has one of the largest community college scholarship programs in the country. Submitting an initial application will automatically match you with scholarships you qualify for, but make sure to review deadlines and submit your applications in advance. Scholarship decisions are typically made in months preceding the fall semester.