NCC has one of the largest scholarship programs in Pennsylvania.

Each year, Northampton Community College is proud to award over 600 scholarships to our students. We offer funding based on a wide range of qualifying factors such as academic achievement, financial need, program of study and more. Students who are permanent residents of Northampton and Monroe counties are given first preference, and you must be an NCC student to apply. The earlier you enroll at NCC and apply for a scholarship, the better your chances of receiving one. Follow the steps below to get started!

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1. Apply To NCC

You must be admitted as a student to Northampton to be considered for a scholarship. Our online application is fast, easy and free so apply now if you haven’t!

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2. Complete FAFSA

To be considered for a scholarship, your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) must be completed. The FAFSA is separate from NCC's scholarship application and has different deadlines for each semester.

Complete FAFSA
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3. Apply For Scholarships

The application for the 2023-2024 scholarship year is now open.

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4. List of Scholarships

Take some time to explore all of our scholarship options. NCC has one of the largest scholarship programs in the country, and we offer a wide variety of opportunities to help you pay for college.

Review Scholarships

External Scholarships

Scholarship Student Orientation

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What's next?

Once your scholarship application has been submitted, you will receive an email confirmation that your application was received (no additional steps are required).  To be considered for any scholarship award, you must have submitted both your application for enrollment to NCC, your Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) application, be registered for six or more credit hours each semester, and maintain a 2.0 or higher GPA. Most scholarship awards for the academic year are made during the summer months leading up to the start of the Fall semester.  You will be notified directly, by the Scholarships Office, if you receive an award. Please note that the sooner you register for your classes each semester, the sooner we can determine your eligibility for a scholarship - and the sooner you'll receive your award!

Scholarship awards are given for one academic year. You must reapply and qualify each academic year. The amount you receive may be divided between your Fall and Spring semesters. Each qualifying student will be considered for scholarship assistance for a maximum of four semesters. Once the award year is complete you must reapply. Also, a drop in your credit load or withdrawing from classes can affect both your Financial Aid and your continued eligibility for your scholarship award.

*** Submitting a scholarship application does not guarantee you will receive a scholarship, but it is a necessary step to qualify for an award. ***

For questions about scholarships at Northampton Community College, please contact us at or 610.861.5594.