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The mission of the Community Education Program is to provide diverse, high-quality, lifelong learning opportunities for individuals, businesses, and community organizations. We are responsive, cost-effective, and innovative in our assessment, teaching, training, and consulting. Our commitment is to exceed our customers’ expectations in today’s global community. Whether you are interested in learning a new language, new dance steps, or preparing to take a Notary exam, we have you covered. From our Horizons For Youth program to our UPDATE Adult Lecture Series, NCC's Community Education program serves all ages at all stages. We look forward to seeing you in one of our personal enrichment classes soon!

Contact the Community Education program for your next Team Building experience!  Combining learning with fun and come see what's cooking in our Fowler Kitchen, where you will prepare and share delicious meals with your colleagues under the tutelage of expert chefs. Reconnect and re-engage with your staff as we work with you to customize the perfect culinary class. Can't decide whether you want a Team Building experience in the kitchen or the Fab Lab?  Do both and craft a creative kitchen item, such as a cheeseboard and then learn how to pair cheeses with beverages in our kitchen. Contact for more information or view our seasonal catalogs.

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