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Online learning creates access for all kinds of learners, whether you’re located far from campus, balancing school with your work schedule, or studying while caring for your family. Our program is deep-rooted in more than 20 years of experience and development, meaning with Northampton Community College Online, no matter where you are, you can learn from the best instructors and enjoy high-quality education. This flexible learning option is among the most affordable online community colleges in Pennsylvania!

What Sets NCC’s Online Learning Apart?

  • 34 program options and 250+ course that can be completed 100% online
  • Dedicated, experienced faculty and staff who are committed to your success
  • Access to all of our on-campus resources and facilities including: Academic Advising & Coaching, Career Services, Tutoring, Counseling and the Library
  • Multiple opportunities to start throughout the year

What Are NCC’s Online Programs and Classes?

Studying at Northampton Community College online gives you multiple options for how you shape your learning experience. You can choose from synchronous (meet online at your class time) or asynchronous (complete your coursework on your own schedule) online college classes, and you may also choose to enroll in some hybrid (partially online, partially on-campus) courses. Our class formats give you flexibility with the length of your courses and how you distribute your learning throughout the semester.

Is Online Learning Right for You?

Online college classes can be a rewarding path for achieving your academic goals. You’ll benefit from the ability to maintain a full-time income while completing coursework, flexibility with scheduling your classes around your ongoing commitments, and affordability in one of the most accessible online community colleges in Pennsylvania. 

Some traits that will help you succeed as an online learner:

  • Self-motivation and ability to keep up with assignments
  • Good time management skills and allocated time for studying
  • Confidence in asking for help when you need it

Northampton Community College provides various supporting services to help our online students achieve their academic goals.

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Dedicated Online Faculty

As an online learner, you’ll get the full college experience from our expert, invested faculty: they are well versed in teaching virtual classes, dedicate one-on-one attention through online discussions and office hours, and commit to helping you succeed. They’ve provided some tips to help you excel in online learning.

Support for Online Learning 

Studying online means you can learn from anywhere—and NCC’s online-friendly student resources will be wherever you are. We’re committed to helping you thrive through academic advising, career coaching, tutoring, library access, and technology support.


Accreditation demonstrates that a school’s programs—online and on-campus—are comprehensive and trustworthy according to an outside, impartial evaluation. Northampton Community College is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education, and it is authorized as an institution of higher education by the state of Pennsylvania. Learn more about our state authorization for online education.

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